Cacao Ceremony & Mantras

Cacao Ceremony & Mantras

Welcome to the transformative experience of a Cacao Ceremony with Mantra Singing. This sacred gathering combines the ceremonial consumption of cacao with the enchanting melodies of mantras, offering you a unique opportunity to connect with yourself, others, and the divine.

As you join this ceremonial space, imagine yourself surrounded by the sacred energy of a circle or ceremonial setting. Candles flicker, flowers bloom, and natural elements create an ambiance that nurtures your spirit. Throughout the ceremony, I will guide you, ensuring your comfort and support throughout the journey.

Let us begin with an opening ritual, a moment to ground and center ourselves. Together, we may set intentions, or engage in a group meditation, inviting a deep connection within. And then, the moment arrives as the warm, nourishing cacao is introduced. Derived from the mystical Theobroma cacao tree, this sacred elixir carries centuries of medicinal and spiritual wisdom. It contains theobromine, a natural stimulant that opens your heart, enhances your mood, and facilitates profound connections with yourself and others. Through cacao, we embark on a journey of emotional release and healing.

With each sip of the cacao, we immerse ourselves in the mesmerizing power of mantra singing. Mantras, sacred sounds, words, or phrases, resonate within us, creating a rhythmic symphony that transcends the mundane. They may be in Sanskrit, the language of ancient traditions, or in any language that speaks to your soul. As we chant or sing these mantras, our minds quieten, and we deepen our connection to the present moment. Together, our voices harmonize, weaving a tapestry of unity and serenity. Our lovely Katharina will prepare the most beautiful mantras for you, picked and guided with love.

The alchemy of cacao and mantra singing awakens something profound within you. Heightened awareness, expanded consciousness, and a deeper connection to your inner wisdom awaits. This sacred ceremony provides a vessel for personal reflection, emotional healing, and spiritual growth.

As we navigate this journey, I encourage you to be fully present. Observe your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Surrender to the transformative power of cacao and the mantras. Together, our collective energy amplifies individual experiences, fostering unity and interconnectedness beyond words.

Following the mantra singing, our ceremony will encompass additional practices such as guided meditation, breathwork, and sharing circles. These practices offer you a chance to integrate your experiences, express your insights, and receive support from the group.

And as we draw toward the conclusion, a closing ritual awaits. Let us express gratitude for this profound experience and set intentions to carry the wisdom gained into our everyday lives. May you depart from this ceremony feeling uplifted, nourished, and inspired, with a deeper connection to yourself, others, and the vast realms of the spiritual.

What to expect

This event will be held in English

  • Introduction to Raw Cacao
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Mantra singing
  • Meditation
  • Closing Circle

Please wear comfortable clothes.


12 August 2023


5:00 pm – 7:30 pm


39,00 €


NordlichtYogaMillerntorplatz 1, Hamburg St. Pauli


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