The Nambin Story

new moon

The new moon is the symbol for something new  – a new you,
a new chapter. 

The Nambin Story began in the Australian Outback in 2017. A year before, I packed my backpack, gave up my apartment, sold my furniture, and just went with the flow. Under certain circumstances and appearing coincidences, I ended up in Australia, which I had not planned. 

australia outback

In fact, I ended up working in the Australian Outback for six months in total. Warmun is the indigenous name for Turkey Creek, Western Australia. Besides working in the small community store and selling groceries to the locals, I had nothing else to do. It was the desert, there was nothing but myself and a few indigenous locals who showed me the Australian bush. I was a little anxious when I entered their car to go for the first bush adventure and saw the gun in the back of the Pick-Up. (For hunting, as it turned out.) 

However, I followed the intuition that told me – You are doing the right, trust them, you will be fine, and I was! 

The Desert Moon

Besides the Bush adventures I experienced with Gabriel and his friends, I had a bicycle. Fighting the fear of loneliness and boredom, I decided to go on a bike trip every morning and evening – just down the road! You should have seen the frightening lightning during the rain season – I have never felt so powerless on earth, so small and yet so meaningful because it was up to me to tell the people about the beauty and mysterious energy in the Australian desert. 

One evening, I was biking back home to the staff house. I passed the small hill along the road as I would every day! But that evening was special! It was a new moon; I did not even know its symbolic meaning back in the day. But I had this feeling, I have changed, something made me change! The view at this hill, changing the colors depending on the sun’s mood and position, the beauty of the colors, and the reflection made my eyes tear. I felt something I have never felt before, something greater than I have ever experienced. I knew it was the new me! 

After so many years of not knowing who I am, what I wanted, who I wanted to be, and trying to figure all this out, I finally found the door into my new self, and I wanted to go on the journey to find my true self, the person I have always wanted to be and who I am now. 

I will never stop discovering myself and figuring out things about myself and what I want in life. However, the new moon that evening in the Australian desert began this beautiful journey.


Nambin was born 

Gabriel and his friends were all workers and artists in the small indigenous art gallery. 

After going into the bush and learning about their culture a couple of times, we soon discovered that we share the same passion for art! I have worked on some paintings with the locals and artists in the gallery and developed a relationship with them. It was the most impactful time of my life and the most inspirational. 

Before I left the desert to continue my travels in Bali, we all said goodbye. Before leaving the car after another trip in the Australian bush, Gabriel made me hold on and explained the meaning of a skin name. 

A skin name refers to an individual member of a group. They have immediate relationships within their community and country, relating to the landscape, wildlife, and their associated Dreamings. 
And before I could get out of the car, I received the gift of having a skin name, Nambin – the free bird. I am honored to be part of them and the land of Warmum.

nambin logo
BrandDesign by Sarah Hünemöller

The Symbols 

In the Nambin Logo, the open circle represents the new moon – the new beginning. 

The Wave inside, slightly shaped like a wave, is the letter N for Nambin and the shape of an eye. The dot in the center is the third eye, THE MIND; the other two dots stay for THE BODY and THE OPPORTUNITIES.  When your body and mind connect, you may discover a new side of yourself and new opportunities. 

And the universe in the background – the universe is infinite. Find your ways, explore your body, mind, and opportunities…

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