Classes & Events


No matter whether you are already an experienced Yogi or an absolute beginner, everyone is welcome!

My classes are flowy, creative, fun, and challenging for everyone!


Do you want the Yoga Teacher to focus on you, your needs, and your progress?

In the Private Sessions, you will not have to leave your home or worry about your personal needs being fulfilled – we will focus on you only.

You decide whether you want to practice Online or Offline, on your own, or with your Yoga Mate.


Are you ready for the absolute state of relaxation and just want to get out of the fast life for a moment? Feel nature in its perfection and let it work on you.

Join me in my retreats to recharge your batteries and do something good for yourself!


If you always wanted to check out new things, Yoga & Meditation techniques, or just want to expand your Yoga knowledge, you should check out the upcoming Workshops.


My Coaching Program is very individual, depending on your goals and needs.

From Chakra Healing to Meditation Course and stress relief exercises, we will work together, little by little, on calming your mind and improving your overall health.