Unveiling the Power of Cacao: Exploring Ceremonies and the Delights of Raw Cacao

The Yoga world is spreading the word. You may have come across various events that invite you to join Cacao Ceremonies. There are a billion variations of how a Cacao Ceremony can be hosted. Some hosts combine it with ecstatic dance, others with deep meditation or mantra chanting sessions.  In this article, I provide you … Read more

Practice yoga in balance with your dosha

How to listen to your current body feeling in your routine. The first time I taught yoga, I was suddenly faced with the challenge that one student could not follow my instructions so quickly. I asked myself what the difficulty was. Should I question her about it, or should I just let her do it? … Read more

A little Pranayama Introduction 

“The mind & body are not separate entities. The gross form of the mind is the body & the subtle form of the body is the mind. The practice of asana integrates & harmonizes the two. Both the body & the mind harbor tensions or knots. Every mental knot has a corresponding physical, muscular knot … Read more

Golden Milk (Vegan) – Recipe & Health Benefits

Ingredients for 1 Cup: 300 ml Almond Milk, Oat Milk, or any other plant-based milk will work, too.  1 Cinnamon Stick  1 Long Pepper or 3-5 Peppercorns  1 tsp Turmeric Powder  Two slices of fresh ginger  Raw Honey or Coconut Sugar Instructions: Heat up a pot without adding any of the ingredients.  Once it is hot, … Read more