About Nambin Yoga

Yoga is the door to a new world where your body and mind meet and connect.

Namsté to all the beautiful souls out there!

Welcome to Nambin Yoga – I am so happy you found your way here! 

The sensitivity that we develop to observe and the ability to be one with ourselves, the realization of this powerful connection is called Yoga. 

Nambin Yoga is your Zen Space, your happy place where I show you ways to find your inner peace, where I help you to reset from all of the influences out there, in the world of faster pace and responsibilities. Not only Yoga but also other methods that you can use daily to relax and clear up your mind. There are so many things you can discover and adapt to your life. Creating your zen space might be Yoga, meditation, art, music, food, nature, dancing, and so much more.

Here you get inspired and learn some tools to connect with yourself again. You may be yourself, you may experiment and enjoy your own place of bliss.

In the Nambin space, nobody is alien, everyone may just be!

My name is Liana, I am a 500-hour certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor, and the founder of Nambin Yoga.

I am a curious nature lover and adventure seeker, hungry for the world’s secrets and knowledge, and most likely that’s why I ended up being a Yoga Teacher. There is so much to learn, I won’t find an end.

That’s the beauty of Yoga – You are always a teacher and a student at the same time. 

The story of Nambin, and my personal Yoga journey has begun in the Australian Outback where I worked and lived in an indigenous community for six months in total. I found myself in the most spiritual place I could have ever imagined. Yoga, back then, was just a physical exercise for me but spirituality was there, even though I didn’t realize it back then. 

I continued Yoga back in Germany and on my travels, still considering it as a physical exercise until I went to a class where the teacher brought me into a Shavasana that actually made me feel the connection of my body & my mind. Another time, at another studio I suddenly felt the vibration of the OM, far beyond my physical body. This is how I started to open up to the deeper aspects of Yoga. I expanded my knowledge and tried various techniques in Yoga, besides the Asana Practice. 

I accomplished my first 200-hour Teacher Training in Hatha- and Vinyasa Yoga at the Gayatri School in Tenerife.

For the advanced Teacher Training, I traveled to Goa to experience the roots of Yoga in India. The 300-hour Training was focused on Yoga Anatomy and the Teachings of Vinyasa Yoga.

I have been teaching Fitness and Yoga Classes since 2019, in Germany and during my adventures abroad. I love working with people and accompanying them throughout their journeys.

In my classes, I combine the physical aspects and facts of Yoga with a hint of spirituality that is accessible, and understandable to everyone. 

You can expect creative and powerful Hatha-Vinyasa Flows. Through the practice of postures (asanas), breathwork, and meditations, you deepen your practice on the mat and off the mat. You will find the opportunity to discover your own body and its’ capabilities. 

Due to my experience as Fitnesscoach and my specialization in Hatha- & VinyasaYoga, as well as my education in Yoga Anatomy, I ensure the right alignment based on your body structure. 

It is important to me that my students enjoy the Yoga Classes, no matter which level they are at.

Yoga is for every body and everybody!

Everyone may have access to Yoga, including beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

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BrandDesign by Sarah Hünemöller @studiomirie.design

The meaning of Nambin

Nambin is my skin name, given by the Australian Indigenous who I lived and worked with. A skin name refers to an individual member of a group. As such they have immediate relationships within their community and country, relating to the landscape, wildlife, and their associated Dreamings. 

Nambin means free bird. The name stands for free spirit and the spirit of adventure.

In the Nambin Logo, you can see the open circle representing the new moon – the new beginning. 

The Wave inside is the letter N for Nambin and the shape of an eye. The dot in the center is the third eye, THE MIND; the other two dots stay for THE BODY, and THE OPPORTUNITIES.  When your body and mind connect, you may discover a new side of yourself and new opportunities. 

And the universe in the background – the universe is infinite. Find your ways, explore your body, mind, and opportunities.

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