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Hello to all the beautiful souls out there!

Welcome to Nambin Yoga – I am so happy you found your way here! 

I am Liana, the founder of Nambin Yoga & Nambin Art

Where should I start?! 

Alright, I was born on a (most likely) very cold November 1989 night in the Ural Mountains. In the  Waxing Gibbous phase of the moon, as I just found it. My curiosity makes me research the most random things and most likely.

Perhaps that’s why I ended up being a Yoga Teacher. There is so much to learn; I won’t find an end.

That’s the beauty of yoga – you are always a teacher and a student.

My career began in 2012 after my Business School graduation in finance. I worked in this field for about three and a half years until I finally achieved my dream. I gave up on my apartment in Hamburg, Germany, sold my furniture, and packed my boxes to store in my parent’s attic. I packed my (way too big) backpack and boarded the plane to Taiwan.

From there, I moved to New Zealand and ended up in Australia, which I did not plan. Before I head back to Asia to explore several countries such as Japan, India, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, and Vietnam. I guess you see a pattern – I do love traveling!

The story of Nambin has begun in the Australien Outback, though. Australia was not part of my route, but something moved me to book a flight ticket from New Zealand to Gold Coast. I eventually stayed a year in Australia, and it was the best decision to go there! The land of (my personal) spirituality, the land of myth!  

Back then, I was not very athletic, and I had bad habits. The boredom and the time by myself forced me to do more art I had been doing forever, and secondly, I started riding the roadhouse workers’ bicycle every day and night along the Great Northern Highway. Of course, I have not gotten too far from Warmun, Turkey Creek, where I lived and worked for quite some time – I’d bike more or less 15km daily. I suddenly discovered that I also do enjoy functional training and hiking. 

I kept going like this, got in better shape, and felt much better. Soon, I experienced magic inside and a transformation of my outer self, and I discovered a new passion for exercise and nature. 

Back in Germany, I continued with my workouts and developed expertise. After trying many things, such as weight lifting, HIIT classes, running, etc., I stuck to Bodyweight workouts and Yoga, or both combined. 

At the end of 2018, I decided to invest in knowledge and purchased a Fitness Trainer Program to get the B-License. In February 2019, it was finally the day, and the certificate was handed out to me! I was the happiest! And just as a side note, even then, everyone joining the program knew I would make a good Yoga teacher.

After receiving the certificate, I started teaching diverse classes in gyms, Bootcamps, Yoga Studios, and Personal Training Studios. I love the happy faces of my customers after every single session! 

Gradually I got more into Yoga and its ability to connect body and mind and make a person learn to listen to him- or herself. I was hooked. Sometimes I’d do more Yoga, sometimes less – but during the two months in Thailand where I practiced Yoga every single day at ShambalaYoga, I noticed the changes, and my real interest and curiosity were aroused. 

One day in Malaga, I was not sure where to go next. Whether to stay in Malaga or go to another sunny and warm place in January. I bumped into a Yoga Teacher Training, did some research, and hesitated to book it. In the later evening, returning to my Airbnb, I sensed the urge to research a little more, and this is how I found the Gayatari School in Teneriffe, which I impulsively, or perhaps intuitively, booked. I don’t think I have ever made such a fast decision over this amount of money. 

In the same exciting and sleepless night, the Nambin Yoga idea was born! I had the whole concept in mind and started creating! One step after another created something that I would do with passion! I deeply believe that only what you do with passion you will do with success, and everyone will feel it! They will know that this is your honesty, heart, and soul! 

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BrandDesign by Sarah Hünemöller @studiomirie.design

Nambin Yoga combines everything I do with passion: ART, YOGA, MEDITATION, & TRAVELING! I decided I wanted to do something impactful that makes people happy! With the things that make me happy and accompany me during good and difficult life journeys. Things that got me back to my inner peace made me realize what I am burning for!

I want to share the techniques and give something along the way to everyone ready for more happiness & mindfulness. 

Curious? Get to know more about the Nambin Yoga Concept here, check out the programs, or contact me for questions!

I can’t wait to meet you soon!

With all my love, 

Liana alias Nambin


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